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Creating and using a dll

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Well i´ve searched MSDN and i didn´t find exacly what i was looking for and I´ve tryied google too but i couldn´t find it.. My question is, how to create and use a DLL for Win32 and Console?? ??? I use MSVC++ 6.0 (No MFC) Thanx in advance [edited by - Homer Simpson on July 18, 2002 1:18:56 AM]

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If you''ve searched MSDN and google''d for it but couldn''t find information on it, I''d strongly recommend doing it again.
MSDN had 100 results when I searched for "win32 dll." Google had about 564,000 results. Somewhere in there is probably your answer.

Also, that''s a strange question. Are you asking how to create a dll, then load it into your win32 app? Or are you making a console app and want to load a dll and grab it''s functions? Basically the process should be the same (I think..). Look up the function LoadLibrary() in MSDN and read up on it.

Honestly, how hard did you look?

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I'm positive it's in MSDN. Basically, DLLs are coded like regular programs, yet you need to (or at least you usually) export functions. These "exported" functions can be located and called by programs that open your DLL. Unlike normal programs, DLLs have a DllMain function, which is basically the DLL start point. It handles initialization and de-initialization of the DLL.

Here, I found it in MSDN:

Visual C++ Documentation ->
Using Visual C++ ->
Visual C++ Programmer's Guide ->
Adding Program Functionality ->
Overviews ->
DLLs: Overview

Should explain everything.

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