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What is bit operators and how are they used?

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In GDNet Lounge, a guy said something about interviewing with a question on bit stuff. I don''t understand how this stuff works: | & << >> etc. If someone can either explain those operators clearly (I know that << and >> shifts the bits, but I don''t understand exactly how they work) or point me to a site with tutorial on bit manipulation, I''d apprecriate this. I think I can optimize some of my game''s parts with bit manipulating if I think this is what it is...

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I dug around and found these old notes:

- operates like a 2 bit truth table
- if either bit is zero, yield bit is zero too
- both bits must be one for the yield bit to be one

& 0101


- bitwise exclusive OR
- returns 1 when either bit but not both are 1

^ 0101

- an XOR applied twice yields the original operand


OR |

- two bits ORed yield 1 if either or both bits are 1 and 0 if both bits are 0
- used to combine bits from different variables into a single variable

| 0101


- moves each bit in operand to the right the indicated number of places
- shifting right one bit same as dividing operand by 2


- always shifts in 0 bits from the right discarding left most bits
- each bit shifted is equivalent to multiplying by 2
- so shifting left 3 bits is like muliplying by 8


- reverses each bit
- complementing a number twice returns the orginal number

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