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copying texture data, excluding certain color values

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Though if you''re trying to mask out colour components (such as R, G or B), a better way would be to use a sequence of DOTPRODUCT3 texture operation with render to texture. Or even the colour write/mask operations (where supported in hardware).

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1. Colour keys are very much depreciated. Most hardware never actually did them natively anyway.

2. If it''s just straight masking of pixels, use an alpha channel. Works great, works everywhere, and is actually what many cards were doing for colourkeys anyway.

3. Function, no. Though a renderstate, yes: D3DRS_COLORWRITEENABLE

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All a texture is, is a pile of DWORD values (assuming a 32-bit texture). You have to write your own function to mask out certain values, or do as Simon suggested with the render to texture.

Simon: How doues that work exactly anyway? I looked up the DotProduct3 sample, and from what i can gather it does a N.L with the normal in the texture and the light direction (from the cursor position)

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