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Evil Bill

MD2 File Loader

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I can't get my Quake2 MD2 files to load! I've tried using the GL Command List and just a plain old Triangle List, and in both cases, only about half of the triangles are drawn. I've had success with third-party models, but not with any of the original Quake2 models. Anyone know whats wrong with this code (Sorry for the length)
BOOL CMD2Model::Load(LPCSTR szName)
CFile theFile;
BYTE* pData;
CTexture* pTexture;
model_t* pHeader;
frame_t* pFrame;
triangle_t* pTriangles;
textureCoordinate_t* pTexCoords;
SRBCommand theCommand;
DWORD i, j;
WORD* pIndices;
STexCoord* pTempTexCoords;
   // Open and read file //

   pData = theFile.MemoryMap();
   // Check Header //

   pHeader = (model_t*)pData;
   // Load Skin //

   pTexture = (CTexture*)g_pRender->CreateTexture((char*)(pData+pHeader->offsetSkins));
   Log(INFO,"Loaded Skin %s.\n",(char*)(pData+pHeader->offsetSkins));
   // Get Pointers //

   pFrame = (frame_t*)(pData + pHeader->offsetFrames);
   pTriangles = (triangle_t*)(pData + pHeader->offsetTriangles);
   pTexCoords = (textureCoordinate_t*)(pData + pHeader->offsetTexCoords);
   m_dwNumFrames = pHeader->numFrames;
   m_dwNumVerts = pHeader->numTriangles*3;
   // Alloc Vertices //

   m_ppVertices = new Vertex*[m_dwNumFrames];
   for(i=0; i<m_dwNumFrames; ++i)
      m_ppVertices[ i ] = new Vertex[m_dwNumVerts];
   // Alloc space for vertex indices & texture coords //

   pIndices = new WORD[pHeader->numTriangles*3];
   pTempTexCoords = new STexCoord[pHeader->numTriangles*3];
   // Get Vertex Indices and texture coords//

   for(i=0; i<pHeader->numTriangles; ++i)
      pIndices[i*3+0] = pTriangles[ i ].vertexIndices[0];
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+0].u = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[0]].s)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalWidth());
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+0].v = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[0]].t)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalHeight());
      pIndices[i*3+1] = pTriangles[ i ].vertexIndices[1];
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+1].u = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[1]].s)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalWidth());
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+1].v = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[1]].t)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalHeight());
      pIndices[i*3+2] = pTriangles[ i ].vertexIndices[2];
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+2].u = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[2]].s)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalWidth());
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+2].v = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[2]].t)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalHeight());
   // Fill Vertices //

   for(i=0; i<m_dwNumFrames; ++i)
      triangleVertex_t* pVertices = pFrame->vertices;
      for(j=0; j<m_dwNumVerts; ++j)
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].dwDiffuse = 0xFFFFFFFF;
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].tu = pTempTexCoords[j].u;
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].tv = pTempTexCoords[j].v;
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].vNormal = CVector(0.0f,0.0f,-1.0f);
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].vPos = CVector(
      pFrame = (frame_t*)(((BYTE*)pFrame) + pHeader->frameSize);
   // Setup command //

   theCommand.eType = PT_TriangleList;
   theCommand.dwNumPrimitives = pHeader->numTriangles;
   theCommand.dwStartIndex = 0;
   // Create Render Buffer //

   m_pBuffer = (CRenderBuffer*)g_pRender->CreateRenderBuffer(FALSE,VT_Vertex,m_ppVertices[0],NULL,&theCommand,m_dwNumVerts,0,1);
   // Set Texture //

   // Cleanup //

   Log(INFO,"%s loaded successfully\n",szName);
   delete[] pData;
   return TRUE;
Ive removed all the error checking since that would double the length of the code. I know my reder buffer class works fine, since ive tried it with just doing a DrawPrimitiveUP and i get the same results. Also, do you think its worth using the GL Commands? If you do, you end up sending at most 12 primitives at a time to DrawPrimitive(), and i remember reading somewhere that you should never send less than 100. Oh, and i've got culling set to D3DCULL_NONE [edit] Theres something odd going on with the code tags... [/edit] Cheers, Steve Steve
DirectX Programmer
Soon to be the new Bill Gates [edited by - Evil Bill on July 18, 2002 11:48:17 AM] [edited by - Evil Bill on July 18, 2002 11:49:26 AM]

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I have an MD2 loader/renderer for dx7 on my old site here. I''m too tired to pick through your code but you may be able to compare the two. The render function uses the GL Commands.




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Hmm... it seems that the Quake 2 models don''t have their triangle information correct. All third party modles render perfectly, if i just render everything as a triangle list.
I still can''t get it workign using the GLCommands though

DirectX Programmer
Soon to be the new Bill Gates

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