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MD2 File Loader

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I can't get my Quake2 MD2 files to load! I've tried using the GL Command List and just a plain old Triangle List, and in both cases, only about half of the triangles are drawn. I've had success with third-party models, but not with any of the original Quake2 models. Anyone know whats wrong with this code (Sorry for the length)
BOOL CMD2Model::Load(LPCSTR szName)
CFile theFile;
BYTE* pData;
CTexture* pTexture;
model_t* pHeader;
frame_t* pFrame;
triangle_t* pTriangles;
textureCoordinate_t* pTexCoords;
SRBCommand theCommand;
DWORD i, j;
WORD* pIndices;
STexCoord* pTempTexCoords;
   // Open and read file //

   pData = theFile.MemoryMap();
   // Check Header //

   pHeader = (model_t*)pData;
   // Load Skin //

   pTexture = (CTexture*)g_pRender->CreateTexture((char*)(pData+pHeader->offsetSkins));
   Log(INFO,"Loaded Skin %s.\n",(char*)(pData+pHeader->offsetSkins));
   // Get Pointers //

   pFrame = (frame_t*)(pData + pHeader->offsetFrames);
   pTriangles = (triangle_t*)(pData + pHeader->offsetTriangles);
   pTexCoords = (textureCoordinate_t*)(pData + pHeader->offsetTexCoords);
   m_dwNumFrames = pHeader->numFrames;
   m_dwNumVerts = pHeader->numTriangles*3;
   // Alloc Vertices //

   m_ppVertices = new Vertex*[m_dwNumFrames];
   for(i=0; i<m_dwNumFrames; ++i)
      m_ppVertices[ i ] = new Vertex[m_dwNumVerts];
   // Alloc space for vertex indices & texture coords //

   pIndices = new WORD[pHeader->numTriangles*3];
   pTempTexCoords = new STexCoord[pHeader->numTriangles*3];
   // Get Vertex Indices and texture coords//

   for(i=0; i<pHeader->numTriangles; ++i)
      pIndices[i*3+0] = pTriangles[ i ].vertexIndices[0];
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+0].u = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[0]].s)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalWidth());
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+0].v = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[0]].t)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalHeight());
      pIndices[i*3+1] = pTriangles[ i ].vertexIndices[1];
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+1].u = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[1]].s)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalWidth());
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+1].v = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[1]].t)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalHeight());
      pIndices[i*3+2] = pTriangles[ i ].vertexIndices[2];
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+2].u = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[2]].s)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalWidth());
      pTempTexCoords[i*3+2].v = ((float)pTexCoords[pTriangles[ i ].textureIndices[2]].t)/((float)pTexture->GetOriginalHeight());
   // Fill Vertices //

   for(i=0; i<m_dwNumFrames; ++i)
      triangleVertex_t* pVertices = pFrame->vertices;
      for(j=0; j<m_dwNumVerts; ++j)
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].dwDiffuse = 0xFFFFFFFF;
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].tu = pTempTexCoords[j].u;
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].tv = pTempTexCoords[j].v;
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].vNormal = CVector(0.0f,0.0f,-1.0f);
         m_ppVertices[ i ][j].vPos = CVector(
      pFrame = (frame_t*)(((BYTE*)pFrame) + pHeader->frameSize);
   // Setup command //

   theCommand.eType = PT_TriangleList;
   theCommand.dwNumPrimitives = pHeader->numTriangles;
   theCommand.dwStartIndex = 0;
   // Create Render Buffer //

   m_pBuffer = (CRenderBuffer*)g_pRender->CreateRenderBuffer(FALSE,VT_Vertex,m_ppVertices[0],NULL,&theCommand,m_dwNumVerts,0,1);
   // Set Texture //

   // Cleanup //

   Log(INFO,"%s loaded successfully\n",szName);
   delete[] pData;
   return TRUE;
Ive removed all the error checking since that would double the length of the code. I know my reder buffer class works fine, since ive tried it with just doing a DrawPrimitiveUP and i get the same results. Also, do you think its worth using the GL Commands? If you do, you end up sending at most 12 primitives at a time to DrawPrimitive(), and i remember reading somewhere that you should never send less than 100. Oh, and i've got culling set to D3DCULL_NONE [edit] Theres something odd going on with the code tags... [/edit] Cheers, Steve Steve
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Hmm... it seems that the Quake 2 models don''t have their triangle information correct. All third party modles render perfectly, if i just render everything as a triangle list.
I still can''t get it workign using the GLCommands though

DirectX Programmer
Soon to be the new Bill Gates

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