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FX with DirectX Audio 8

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I want to add some FX effects on the wave files and midi files i use in my 3D engine (with DirectX audio 8). For example i want to have some echo or reverberation when i was under a tunnel. I have read the DirectX8 SDK documentation. And i have succeed in adding effect to a sound. But i have a problem: In order to add an effect to a sound, i have to unactive the audiopath before using the SetFX methode. After, i can active the audio path and i can change the parameter of my effect with SetAllParameters (for example more or less echo). But when i unactive the audio path, i stop the sound. And i don''t want to stop the sound! if after, i use PlaySegmentEx, the sound or the music starts from the beginning. I have tried to use SetFX in the beginning of the program, but if i do that, the effect can be heard even if i put the effect to the minimum intensity. And i want to have the possibility to have an effect or to have not an effect in a sound without stopping it and starting it again from the beginning. How can i do that? Thanks.

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