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SIMPLE - Simulate Moving Background

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Here's a simple one for some group input. I have two types of starfield backgrounds - spherical and flat backdrop. The backdrop is a new preference option for low-end users. The game allows multiple cameras with lots of motion logic along any axis. Currently, I store the pos and lookat points (but may need to start calculating angles based on these). The flat backdrop always uses the full drawing surface, and a logic is associated with it for animating texture coordinates. I want the logic to simulate the motion of the starfield according to the rotation of the camera. I am open to solutions which discard any regular relation between the look at point and the portion of the background texture that's visible. In other words, the background could have no recognizable features (be tiled. Therefore, a solution might not show the same part of the starfield as the spheremap background version if they were in the same camera state, and running side by side. Also (obviously) the stars can be at an infinite distance so camera movement can be ignored. Given those conditions, this should be simple. Any thoughts? [edited by - hundel on July 23, 2002 9:12:03 AM] [edited by - hundel on July 23, 2002 9:13:08 AM]

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