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Chas 100

Hardware acceleration for OpenGL

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Hi: I am brand new to using OpenGL. I am coding in Visual C++. My boss really, really wants to see my plots in 3D. So I am converting from plain moveto, lineto 2D code to OpenGL 3D calls. My question is: How do I make sure that a graphics card that supports OpenGL hardware acceleration is actually using the hardware? Do I have to link a certain way, or do anything else in the code? Or will the hardware get used automatically because of the graphics cards drivers? Also, anyone know of a good OpenGL card for a laptop? I want to make sure we get fast OpenGL accelerated graphics for our demo program when we show off. Thanks in advance

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it''s all taken care of auto-magically by the graphics card drivers. the card should accelerate everything that it can. if you''re worried throw in the following MessageBox call (assuming windows, otherwise use whatever messaging system you like)

MessageBox(NULL, (char *)glGetString(GL_VENDOR), "GL_VENDOR", MB_OK);

if the vendor name is Microsoft, then it''s not accelerated (those are the default windows video drivers). if it''s Nvidia or some other hardware brand then it is accelerated. if it DOES say microsoft, make sure you have a 3D card and then reinstall the drivers for it.


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