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console window HWND ?

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how can i get the hWnd of a console window ? (if my app is a console app).

If you set a (unique) console title, SetConsoleTitle(..), you should be able to use:

HWND FindWindow(
LPCTSTR lpClassName, // class name
LPCTSTR lpWindowName // window name


i''d also like to know, if/how i can create a console window from within a pure win32 app.

All you need to do is to call AllocConsole(). If you want to be able to use cout/cin etc, you need to reopen the standard I/O handles:

freopen("CONIN$", "rb", stdin);
freopen("CONOUT$", "wb", stdout);
freopen("CONOUT$", "wb", stderr);

Regards Mats

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A console program is a pure Win32 app.

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