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Our Game.

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p3 1.4 gHZ...
WinMe (barf!)...
nVidia Riva TNT 2 (or something like that, they words might be in the wrong order)...
~40-45 FPS

it looks nice, but i think you should rework the movement code... if i get going fast, then turn 90 degrees, i keep sliding sideways for a while; also, when stopped on a slope, the tank slides downhill even when sideways. it is a nice, smooth effect, but not one would expect from a tank (isn''t the whole point of tank treads to get excellent traction on crappy terrain?)

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Thanks for your comments krez. We agree. However, its meant to be a hover tank (and we are waiting for the model). For the time being imagine it were a hover tank and judge the physics accordingly.


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45fps in 1024z768x32 on Duron750, GF2MX, 128MB, WinME

Having the fps counter up there distorts figures. If you go to the corner where it''s easiest to see, you get a much greater fps (about X2 for me). If you go to the nearest point to the centre where you can still just see it, the fps drops to 45 for me.

Read about my game, project #1

John 3:16

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Just so you have more input for WinXP.

Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz
Geforce3 with latest drivers

~135 fps at 1024x768x32 fullscreen no vsync

Seems to work fine but takes a long time to load (5 seconds?) which made me think it crashed so you might want to add visual indication that things are still going. As mentioned before the lighting on the tank is funny. My guess is that you only have one polygon for the back of the tank which causes weird lighting effects sometimes.


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