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Use the debug runtime. Set the output level to maximum. Look in your debug output window. D3D will *tell* you *why* it failed the call...

A guess: try setting the cRects parameter to 0 since you aren''t actually passing any rectangles. Could also be an issue with the pool type.

Also, I notice you''re using DX9 interfaces - since it''s still in beta test:

1. the NDA you signed means you shouldn''t be discussing it in public. Use the newsgroups.

2. there may be a bug in DX9, check the output, if it tells you nothing, report it on betaplace. If you aren''t an official tester, this would be a perfect example of why you shouldn''t use leaked betas.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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This should not be talked about on a public forum. DX9 is still in beta, this should be asked and answered on the direct x 9 beta forums. Anyone who actually answers this question would be breaking Microsoft NDA, or they would be pretty much telling you that they pirated the beta.

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It doesn''t work because you are using interfaces and methods that don''t exist.

My perusal of the DX8.1 docs didn''t turn up anything about "CreateOffscreenPlainSurface".

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