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Help for an eager newbie?

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Hi people I want to get into game programming but I''m a total beginner at the moment. I''m currently teaching myself C++ from a book, but what I really want is some advice on what would be some good "beginner" physics and maths books as I know they''re both vital, and the sooner I brush on them the better. Bear in mind I haven''t touched either subject since high school (a few years now). Any ideas on which books would be good for me to find my way back and be able to move on to more intermediate/advanced maths and physics? I appreciate anybody''s help. /Breadman

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Before you think about games, make sure you are at leaste semi confident with C++, and even then know where to look stuff up. Decide what graphics api you want to use. Personly I'd say Open GL because I think it is the easiest out of OGL + DX. Have a search through the forums for topics that disscuss pros/cons about these and more apis. When you choose buy your self a good book on it. If you get stuck, thats what these forums are for!

Good luck,


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Guest Anonymous Poster
Any comments would be helpful.
How do we actually link our C++ codes with DX/OGL codes?
Is this the correct mental model?

[C++ codes] -LINK- [Windows API] -LINK- [DX/OGL codes]

I''m really lost...

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