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Lets say i make a class in one of nehe''s first examples (lets take the spinning cubes and pyramids). This class would keep the position of one of these objects in a vector (x,y,z). I would want it to be possible to move it like object.pos = (100, 59, 73) or something like that. So my question is, how would i make one of these world coordinates system?

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I''m not sure if it''s that thing that you want but here''s :

typedef struct

float x, y, z;


OBJECT Object;

Now, you can use :

Object.x = ...
Object.y = ...

etc ...

Leyder Dylan

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For moving, give the object a speed and a vector to hold it's destination . Then just apply the speed to it's position each frame until it reaches the destination.

struct Vector
float x,y,z;

class Object
void Place(Vector meh){ pos = meh };
void SetDes(Vector meh){ des = meh };
void Update(){ //if pos != des, move pos towards des };
void Draw();
Vector pos;
Vector des;
float speed;

That's one way of setting things up at least.

EDIT: screwed up italics tag
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I'd guess thats a nice way to do it.
Thank you.

However it would still be damn nice to be able to move it like you move 2D object.

car.x = 50;
car.y = 100;

Oh well,
Thank you

EDIT: I figured how to do this :D

[edited by - ZitherMan on July 26, 2002 9:50:15 PM]

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