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[java] scrolling large images, lots of flickering and choppy

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I wrestled with getting smooth, flickerless movement in my game for a while, and I really succeeded for the most part. Until now where I''m adding about a 400x300 image to my game, it needs to move across the screen. All of my other images are about 60x60 or less, they scroll and move just fine. But this big one has a ton of flicker and kinda chugs along as it moves. I''m using a BufferStrategy set to triple buffering, and the image is just a plain ol'' Image. Any ideas?

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Are you using compatible Images?

If you are not getting true v-sync ( since bufferstategy does not guarantee that ). Without v-sync left to right movement might look split on a horozontal line.

Are you hemoraging memory? Simple actions like "String " + fps end up eating several hundred K per second at 30+fps. Check the runtime memory statics to see how you are doing. The less you are loosing per frame the better off you are.

Cheers and good luck

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