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Compiler errors with Object Intercommunication

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Ok, I got something pretty frustrating here. When I try to have objects being able to intercommunicate, I get compilers errors when I compile. Let me elaborate. Here''s an exampl of my CBulletList header file, the bullet list checks through the CAliensList object to perform collision detection
// Lucas keyes

// CBulletList.h

// this jenga holds all the bullets in the game.

#ifndef __CBULLETLIST__
#define __CBULLETLIST__

#include "CJenga.h"
#include "CBulletObject.h"
#include "CAliensList.h"

class CBulletList {

	CJenga<CBulletObject>* m_pjenga;

	CBulletList() { m_pjenga = new CJenga<CBulletObject>;  }
	~CBulletList() { delete m_pjenga; }
	virtual void Draw(CDXSurface* dest) {  m_pjenga->Draw(dest); }
	virtual void Clean() { m_pjenga->Clean(); }
	virtual void Add(int x, int y) { m_pjenga->AddNode(x,y); }
	virtual void CheckObjectCollision(CAliensList *p_aliens) { p_aliens->CheckObjectCollision(m_pjenga); }


everything works peachy keen, if I didn''t want the aliens to fire, thus needing to be able to communicate with another CBulletList object that will hold all of their bullets. here''s the CAliensList header file
// Lucas Keyes

// CAliensList.h

// container for all the CAlien objects

#ifndef __CALIENSLIST__
#define __CALIENSLIST__

#include "CTimer.h"
#include "CJenga.h"
#include "CAlien.h"
#include "CBulletObject.h"
#include "CMultiDimArray.h"
#include "CBulletList.h"

extern CTimer timer;

class CAliensList {

	CMultiDimArray<CAlien> *m_pmdarray;
	int m_ilastmovetime;
	int m_nxdirection;
	int m_nydirection;
	int m_inversespeed;
	bool m_balienswon;

	~CAliensList(){ delete m_pmdarray; }
	void Create();
	void Clean() { m_pmdarray->Clean(); }
	void Draw(CDXSurface *dest) { Move(); m_pmdarray->Draw(dest); }
	void CheckObjectCollision(CJenga<CBulletObject>* p_jenga);

	bool TimeToMove() { return (timer.time() >= m_ilastmovetime + m_inversespeed); }

	void Move();
	void MoveAllAliens();
	bool CheckAllForOffscreen();
	bool CheckAllAtBottom();
	void ReverseDirection();
	void SetYDirection(int dir) { m_nydirection = dir; }
	void CheckForProblems();
	void MoveAllRight();
	void MoveAllLeft();
	void MoveAllDown();
	bool AliensWon() { return m_balienswon; }
	void Think(CBulletList* p_bulletlist);




so, come build time, I get the following error message. C:\Documents and Settings\lucas\My Documents\ProjectFalcon\alientest2\CBulletList.h(24) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier ''CAliensList'' makes sense why it gives that error message, but what can I do to work around this? Any help would be mighty appreciative.

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2 headers which include each other give you trouble, the way to solve it, is simple : in one of the headers delete the include and before the class definition you put :

class ClassFromOtherHeaderFile;

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so it''s a class declaration that''s a lot like a function definition? sweetness, i''ll try that out. thanks a bunch.

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