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DevC++ BIN Problem

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After settling on this IDE I get a problem every time I compile. When I compile it, I get an error that says ''Cannot open Bin Directory''. Anyone can help? I am using DevC++ 4 btw. Also, when I create a file, after saving I get 2 errors, one says ''Could not create Code Completion list file.'' and ''Could not create default code file.'' Anyone can help correct this? Thanks in advanced...

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I''m new to Dev-C++ and I use Dev-C++ 5.

In "Tools->Compiler Options->Directiroes" you can set compilers bin directory. For me it is "c:\mingw\bin".

You can also set other directories. Make sure the directories there exists. "Could not create Code Completion list file" sounds like it''s tyring to create file to directory that doesn''t exist.

Hope this helps, sorry if it didn''t.

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That worked, thanks.
I had devC++ 5 but I could save, debug or compile.
Is it still in Beta?

This is probably a mistake on my part, but after I compile then run my project the program pops up then closes before I can read or see what it does. Anyway to correct this?

[edited by - Eric_the_Red on July 27, 2002 3:07:58 AM]

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The program pop up because windows will automactly close the Dos Shell when the program is over. An easy way to correct this is by adding a System("pause"); before the Return0; , it will make a "Press any key to continue" apear on screen, and will only close when you press a key. you will also have to include the stdlib.h.

It will be something like this:


#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])

Your code;

return 0;

[edited by - algumacoisaqualquer on July 27, 2002 12:46:26 PM]

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