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Your most "legendary" games

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I''d like to know which games do you think are the best games ever made ? The one you''ve played a lot, without finished ''em after 3 days, with the best and more original design, best background and so on. Mine are : PC: - Ultima Underworld (I''ve played and finished it 6 times, it rocks everything) - Arena && Daggerfall (finished it after +- 400 hours hehe) (Don''t know about Morrowind yet, I''ve started it a short time ago). - Ultima 7 part 1 & 2 - Bioforge - Dungeon Keeper AMIGA: - Kult (The temple of flying saucers, Protozorks are cool hehe) - Eye of the Beholder 2 - Ultima 5 - And a lot more I can''t remember right now

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These are some that I never get sick of. They are not all perfect, but these are the ones that made memories. I can start up a game right now...

Maniac Mansion
Zack McKracken

Sega Master System:
Phantasy Star I


Turbo Grafix16:
Military Madness

Indiana Jones: Last Crusade Graphic Adventure
Secret of Monkey Island

Game Boy Advance:
Advance Wars

Tobal 2

Radiant Silvergun
Guardian Heroes


S.C.U.M. interface was a large part of my childhood.


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pacman, tetris, reversi, chess, roller coaster tycoon, starcraft, finaly fantasy 7 and 8 (8''s iffy. 9 is out of the question), the original sonic, super mario world and super mario 3. for fps games, I think half-life and red faction are the best because they were obviously thought out well when story comes. most other fps games have no story and if they do, it''s pretty lame and non-intriguing. Oh yea, and advance wars. That''s all.

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-Fallout 1/2
-Pirates! Gold
-Alpha Centauri
-Dungeon Keeper
-Neverwinter Nights

-Final Fantasy 7
-Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

-Shining Force III

-Phantasy Star II & III
-Shining Force I & II
-Sonic & Knuckles
-Mutant League Hockey & Football (Gore! YAY! :D )

-Final Fantasy 4, 5, 6
-Chrono Trigger

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Just to let you know, using the term PSX when reffering to the playstation is in no way correct. "PSX" was simply one of the early codenames for the PS. Yes I know, many retailers still use the term, but it bugs me everytime I see it, so there ya go.

Some favorite games: Quake 3 Arena, FFVII, Tekken 3, MGS, Tetris,

Many more greats but these are the ones that pop into my head first.

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  • Doom

  • Quake I/II

  • Diablo

  • Half-Life


  • Ninja Gaiden

  • Mario Bros.

  • Legend of Zelda


  • Earthworm Jim

  • Vectorman

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Mortal Kombat!

  • Street Fighter


  • Mario World

  • Chrono Trigger

Too many to count .

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- Monkey Island I and II
- Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis


- Head over Heels (anyone know this game?)

Sega MasterSystem and Genesis:

- Sonic I


- Mario World
- Mario Kart

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Atari 800/XL:

Star Raiders, Boulder Dash, Alternate Reality, Jumpman, and some others...


Dragon Warrior 1-4, SMB 1-3, Zelda 1-2, River City Ransom, Final Fantasy 1, Tecmo (Super) Bowl...

Game Boy:

Final Fantasy Legend(aka SaGa) 1-3, Final Fantasy Adventure/SD 1/SOM 0.


All three of the Jeff Tunnell/Dynamix adventures, the Lucasarts adventures up to Grim Fandango, after that I haven''t played them, the Ultima games through 7.5, all Roguelikes, Apogee and Epic''s shareware games, Wolf3d and Doom, and countless others.....

And likely many others...

Making the world furry one post at a time

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Wing Commander: Privateer
Falcon 3.0
Mig-29 for Falcon 3.0
Tie Fighter
Pirates! Gold
System Shock 2

Soul Calibur

Shining Force II

Castlevania IV
Final Fantasy VI


You know you''re a programmer when your computer is like family. When it''s more like a lover, you need help.

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FF1, Megaman (all of them, especially II), River City Ransom, Ice Hockey, Ninja Gaiden, Contra

Chrono Trigger, FF4-6, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, Megaman X (whole series)

Tekken series


Metal Slug, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, MvC, MvC2, MK, MK2, Street Fighter series (I, II, alphas), X-Men, Final Fight, Time Crisis

Sega Bass Fishing (don't ask...), DOA2, Crazy Taxi

Day of the Tentacle, Leisure Suit Larry, Wolfenstein 3D, Kings Quest 5-6, Ultima Underworld II, Doom II, Quake, UT, Half Life, Counter-Strike, Fallout, Morrowind

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Secret of Mana (multiplayer action-rpg. This game simply rocked)

Tekken 2 (only - played this one regularly with a now ex-girlfriend for nearly a year)
Soul Edge (same as above)

Soul Calibur (Best beat-em-up to date)

Older PC: (Atari ST, Amiga, older commodore, etc)
Shufflepuck Cafe (So simple, yet so addicting)
Arthur (the infocom early graphical hybrid - I pick this up again on occassion, loved the puzzles that required shapechanging)
Pirates! (Not the "Gold" version)
M.U.L.E. (simply a classic)
Ultima IV - The best Ultima in my opinion. The quest for personal/moral perfection was an excellent idea.
Zak Mckraken and Monkey Island
King of Chicago (Dolls, pineapples, and random events. Tons of replayibility)
Road War 2000 (hordes of mutants, street gangs, what more could you want?)
Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back (not DM II - ugh!) The two greatest dungeon crawls ever made.

More Modern PC:
Maelstrom (Ambrosia Software, go get it now. Addicting like Civilization, but doesn''t take a month to play through a single game - Best Asteroids clone ever)
Thief I (Setting, setting, stealth - for some reason II seemed to be missing something)
System Shock I and II (I for the cyberspace interface, II for the more polished gameplay. II with I''s cyberspace would be perfect. Being toyed with by a hostile AI(s) was a great setup)
Civilization (If you''ve played it more than once, you know)
Colonization (ditto)
The Quest for Glory Series (Great adventure, you can play through 3/4 times as different character types end up taking different approaches)

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Penquin Adventure (mastered at the age of 3, I can''t beat it anymore... )
Bubble Bobble (still probably the most fun 2 player game I''ve ever played)
Megaman (the first one, it was just so dang hard, and the music was good too)

FF6 (all time favourite, with a name like LockePick, can you tell?)
FF4 (more basic, down to earth FF6)
Secret of Mana 2 (I actually got somewhere on this one)
Chrono Trigger (most flawlessly perfected complex storyline)
(hehe, I realize I loved the SNES just because of Square...)

Super Mario 64 (totally "rocked my world" when I first played it, I got the 64 because of it. Wonderfully executed)
The Legend Of Zelda: OOT (best control scheme, ever)
StarFox (my entry into 3D space-shooters)
Goldeneye (this game defined and perfected mission based FPS''s, nothing has been the same since)
Banjo-Kazooie (okay, plays like Mario, but with such humour and originality I am still entranced by it)
Smash Bros (I still play it, constantly. How long has it been now, 2-3 years? The only game to beat Diablo 2 in play time)
The Legend Of Zelda: Majora''s Mask (feel sorta cheap mentioning 2 zeldas, but this one deserves as much credit as the first. People didn''t realize the astounding depth that was put into the beginning town alone. I''ve spent days trying to follow every schedule, find every event, and it was always fresh and fun)

Diablo 2 (multiplayer fanatic ever since)
Ragnarok Online (sure the game is still in beta and has always been hopelessly flawed. Doesn''t change the fact I''ve been a big [and cheap] MMORPG guy ever since trying it)

Long Nintendo history, call me a kiddy fanboy, but I like them...

------------ - The Audacious Engine <-- It''s not much, yet. But it''s mine... my own... my preciousssss...
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Guest Anonymous Poster
On Amiga:

- Shadow of the beast 123
- Demon''s winter (and all other SSI RPG)
- WINGS (Cinemaware)
- Golden Axe
- Chase HQ
- Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (multiplayermode rocked!)


- Actraiser
- Starwing (Starfox)
- Mario Kart

On PC:

- Doom
- Duke Nukem
- Max Payne (so great design)
- AVP2
- Tribes 2
- Police Quest
- Heroes of the Might And Magic
- The elder Scrolls

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dragon warriors
code name viper (it was incredible to discover that the traitor was your real boss)
Mario 3
Mega man Series
Castlevania III (love them all but this one rocks)

Out of this world
Castlevania IV
Secret Of Mana
Actraiser I and II

Panzer Dragon.

Diablo I and II
Unreal Tournament
Metal Gear Solid (same from PS)
Duke Nukem

that´s all I remember

"- To begin with, said the Cat, a dog''s not mad. You grant that?
- I suppose so, said Alice.
- Well, then, - the Cat went on - you see, a dog growls when it''s angry, and wags its tail when it''s pleased. Now I growl when I''m pleased, and wag my tail when I''m angry. Therefore I''m mad."

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(I'm no gamer, so I don't play many games, but the ones I do play, I play a lot )

  • Settlers (first one, all sequels of it suck)
  • Pinball Fantasy (or was it Fantasies?) and the sequels
  • (... some more that I can't recall)
  • Rollcage (just f***ing great!)
  • Need 4 Speed (okay, my only real game for a period)
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon
  • Spider Solitair ()

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Guest Anonymous Poster
best single player games: Final fantasy 7 = #1,Chrono trigger

multi player: Quake, quake2, return to castle wolfiensein

other games i like

grand turismo
silent hill
resident evil
(tony hawk''s pro skater)

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zelda 1
zelda 2
mario bros 1,2,3

super metroid
chrono trigger
final fantasy 4,6
secret of mana 1,2
super mario rpg
lufia 1,2
out of this world
mario cart
harvest moon

sonic 1

mario cart
golden eye
perfect dark

final fantasy 7
lunar 1,2
arc of the lad collection
final fantasy tactics
star ocean 2
saga frontier 1,2
metal gear solid
(probley alot more that I cant think of right now)

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Pool of Radiance
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Head Over Heels (I saw this in someone elses post and reminded me how great it was)

Megadrive: (Genesis to Americans. Why did they change the name? Some legal issues I would guess...)
Shining Force I and II
Virtua Racing

Sega Rally

Soul Calibur

PS One:
Colin McRae


Rallisport Challenge
(I have Halo but it doesn''t quite hit my great game radar.)

''Your theory of a donut shaped universe is intriguing Homer'' - Stephen Hawking

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I''ve been a rabid computer gamer since pretty much the beginning so I find it very hard to make a list like this. I own literally hundreds of titles. Here is a very short list of highlights:

The game that got me hooked on computer games: IBM Adventure .

Two games hooked me on muli-player gaming: Trade Wars and Estarian Conquest . Both were (still are?) BBS games played in turns.

The game that got me hooked on CRPGs believe it or not wasn''t Ultima but was Dungeon Master I belive on the Amiga. Ultima IV is the CRPG that is most memorable to me.

MUDs. Both CRPG and simultaneous muli-user gaming. Getting a tiny step closer to the ultimate game.

The game that forced me to upgrade to a 386: Wing Commander .

A dream come true: Tie Fighter . I had always dreamed of flying for the Empire and there was my opportunity.

Best immersion in a game world: Thief: The Dark Project . I still have both I and II installed and every now and again I turn out the lights and don headphones.

The first really good graphical MUD: Ultima Online .

The best FPS ever: Half-Life . This is the only FPS I have ever played (and I played them all) that really sucked me in and made me want to kill everyone.

I have enjoyed so many adventure games over the years that it is really tough to pick a winner. However, if I had to pick one it would be Outcast . What? You say? Not one of the great Roger Wilco or immensely puzzling Zork games or humerous Monkey Island games? Nope. Outcast combined action, adventure, and really good story telling in a way that I don''t think has been duplicated.

Can I say SWG ? Even though I''m not even in the 1st round of beta and have never played it? Well here''s hopeing that it will live up to both of my MMORPG and Star Wars expectations. I''ve played every single MMOG that has ever gone live and a great many still in beta. I''m still waiting for that great multi-player role playing experience and sincerely hope SWG will provide it.

p.s. I dont do consoles. I''ve always had really expensive computers with really expensive monitors so why would I wanna look at those ugly TV screens and pathetic resolutions?

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In no particular order...

Xain'd Sleena
Ghost n Goblins
Black Dragon

Ant Attack
Knight Tyme (128k)

Jack the Nipper 2
Last Ninja 2 (brilliant)

Flashback (brilliant)
Settlers I
Lemmings Tribes
Chuck Rock II (Son of Chuck)
Shadow of the Beast II

Mario 64
Ghouls n Ghosts
GoldenEye (brilliant)


Unreal (not Tournament)
Transport Tycoon
Day of the Tentacle
Monkey Island I, II
Duke Nuke'Em
Full Throttle
Fifa 96

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Original post by bartkusa
What, doesn''t anyone like Deus Ex?

And as long as people are mentioning oddball stuff, let me throw out Metroid 3 and Ogre Battle 64.

Oh yes Deux Ex was a really great game. I wonder why I''ve forgotten it in my list

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here is the list in no particular order.

Tie fighter
X-wing Alliance
Half Life
Quake 3
Commander Keen
Battlezone 1
Mechwarrior 2
Age of Empires(all)
Black and White
Monopoly Tycoon
Capitalism 2
Mortal Kombat 3
Diablo 1,2

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