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I have a dll creating some data using malloc(). I pass a pointer to the data to another program. Then later the other program calls free() on it. The problem is, it crashes. Why? It''s really simple code, and I don''t know why it could be crashing. Also, the pointer is a char*. When I tell my other program to print the data, it prints it fine, but then there''s some garbage at the end. Any ideas?? Thoughts?

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The infamous "other program":

    CFile *fp = OpenArchive("woo.txt");

char *p = GetDataFromArchive("woo.txt", fp);

printf("file = %s", p);


//Close archive


And the DLL code for GetDataFromArchive():

char *GetDataFromArchive(char *filename, CFile *file)
//Check our parameters

if ((filename == NULL) || (file == NULL))

//Check and see if our CFile points to an open file

if (file->fp == NULL)

//Copy the file to memory

char *p = NULL;

p = (char*)malloc(GetFilesize(file->Filename));
fread(p, GetFilesize(file->Filename), 1, file->fp);

And in case anyone's curious, GetFilesize():

int GetFilesize(char *filename)
int Size = 0;

FILE *fp = fopen(filename, "rb");
if (fp == NULL)

fseek(fp, 0, SEEK_END);
Size = ftell(fp);


[edited by - BradDaBug on July 27, 2002 1:56:37 PM]

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Are you sure that the program is crashing when free() is called, because I think it could actually be the FILE* in CFile, because in my experience any attempt to use a FILE* that was not created by the file that is being executed now (example : fopen in exe, currently in dll) will cause a access violation or something similar. Just a thought.

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After doing away with the GetDataFromArchive() function and replacing it with a ReadFromArchive() that doesn''t allocate the memory, but instead takes a pointer to already allocated memory, it doesn''t crash anymore.

At first I figured I could easily get back a pointer to data that was created in the DLL, since DirectX does it all the time, but apparently if I try to free() it, bad things happen. I thought about putting a function in the DLL to free the created memory, but I decided I''d rather do the memory stuff myself, since I can then allocate memory once and reuse it many times.

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