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Medevil RPG Development

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Anyone interested in game development please go to or and see ''Project B'' for more information. We are currently hiring people to be on the AR team, more information is available on any of the url''s above. The game will eventually turn multiplayer after a year or two after the initial release of the game, we have an Oc-12 already under contract for it.. so far we are planning and drawing up ideas etc for stories, we have a basic plot drawn up for the main story the game will include lots of side quests etc, though we are currently unsure whether battling will be turn based or not. Nothing is truly finalized, we are still recruting for a team, of course skill is important, but the most important thing is dedication as our rough estimate for this games development is 3 to 4 years.

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Hmm, I just noticed this post that''s strayed away from its rightful home. Now for the usual stuff:

You''ll get a better response if you give more details (and if it gets moved to the Help Wanted forum). For a start:

How many of you are in the team?
What level of experience you''re wanting?
What are your ages?
Is this a paying job?
What API are you using?
What language/tools (Borland C++? VC++? Delphi? VB?)
Do you realise how long four years really is????

The more info you give the better the response will be.

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