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Redfactions terrain engine!

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For those of you who have played Red Faction you should know about the engine or whatever that made the stuff in game destroyable. I thought that was really, really cool. I was wondering if anyone knows how it works (in moderate detail) and how someone would implement such a thing. Also, would you need to change your mapping style? For example would I still be able to use 3DSmax to make maps and such?

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Well for one, they use a custom format. If you don''t believe me, check out the RED editor that comes with the computer version or download it online if you don''t have it. So creating models is probobly done customly.

As for the geomod engine, I think it''s fairly simple but also fairly complex. Well, it makes things look solid but it isn''t at all. Go into the class house and change the camera to third person using codes. Then you can see through the wall like it was flat. What it does it when you shoot the wall, it adds a few extra triangles in that area, changes their texture coords to match the dirt texture, and extrudes them in the direction of the blow using a bit of physics. But from a player''s view, everything looks solid. It''s actually a pretty neat idea. Also, rocks will fall too. I always wondered how the framerate keeps up with all those polygons and collision detection needed but it must be some awesome code behind it.

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