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How long will it take to....

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Create a terrain renderer and editor in OpenGL? Here''s the scenario: In september i will be starting my computing A-level final year project. I am comfortable enough with Visual Basic to make good programs and i learnt a bit of DirectX8 in VB. I can set up DirectX and load a mesh or textured primitives (with a bit of help from msdn to refresh my memory of course ). I''ve got a good basic understanding of programming and am comfortable with the concept of oop although i haven''t tried programming anything past basic classes, virtual functions and inheritance yet. The question is: How long will it be before I am able to create a landscape using height mapping, and trees or any other 3D mesh placed at various points on the landscape? How long will it be to make an editor for it? I was thinking of building a library in C++ then using it from VB where i''ll create the editor but I''ve never tried it before how tricky is it? The end user for my project will be a geography teacher who needs to show formations and landscapes to students without having to go on a field trip.. He could just use photos i know but it''s just an excuse for doing something a bit more fun then databases

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not too long i would guess. i started programming in c++ a year ago, and i had absolutely no programming experience back then. now im working with a terrain engine where i have trees and houses. and using heightmaps is very easy, and there are tons of tutorials about it. and since you already know general programming it shouldn’t be a problem staring to dig into opengl.

and for the editor. i dont know, im trying to figure out a good way to do that myself without making a new 3d studio
it should be very nice to be able to place stones, bushes and trees exactly where you want them....

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