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GLcalllist sluggish

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I''ve got 24000 triangles rendering on a geforce 2 GTS, at 9 frames per second. (using VB at the moment, doesn''t help but I should be able to get alot more than this.) Loop starts.. GLCallList MyModel (6 sided cube) Render() Loop repeats.. That''s about my loop Vsync is off. Either GLCallList is slow, or something is quite wrong. When I try to do a GLgetstring() to check if im in software mode, I just get a number. Doesnt matter what thing im after, whether it be renderer, version or vendor, same number. /me scratches head. if glcalllist isnt the way to go, what''s a faster method to pump out the triangles? So long as it works on my old TNT1.. Been trying to work out why it''s so slow for about 6 hours solid now, any help would be appreciated.

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