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Space shooter questions

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A few questions here: 1) Are octrees good for space shooters? I.e. for visibility and collisions.. 2) If not then what is a good data structure to use? 3) What is a KD tree and what is it used for? 4) How do some games make it appear that space is infinite? i.e. you never reach any boundaries (or not for ages at least) 5) How do I wrap a texture around the sky to make it look like space? Answers on a postcard... winner gets a roll of selotape and a (used) durex.... jx

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Guest Anonymous Poster
octrees, never used them.. but for space-flight they sound like a bitch. octrees aren''t easy to use when you translate alot of objects. the whole tree needs to be modified realtime.

i dunno what structure would be best.. prolly just a list of objects.

''boundless space'': you can use floating point numbers for that i guess.. or somekind of local/global space system. the local systems contains the ships around you locked in combat or whatever. the global contains planets/moons and such.

texturemapping on sky: interesting question. i guess this is a mapped sphere. you could even use an offsetmap (most accurate) generated by some raytrace shit (just like tunnelfx).


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