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Coding with perl, using cygwin, and maybe LWP

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I'm not a perl coder by any means. I just never really got into it. Now I want to get up and running really fast with it so I can cobble together a couple automated web clients to do some work for me. What would people recommend with regard to a good book (I like O'Reilly books, but I'm open to other suggestions as well). I have cygwin, and it appears that maybe I want LWP as well, but maybe I don't. Has anyone used LWP? It appears it is not included in my cygwin distribution with perl. Any suggestions here with regard to whether I need or want LWP and where I get it and install it? Yeah, I've been poking around the web, but there's too much stuff out there and most of it assumes I'm more familiar with perl to start with. Maybe an ideal solution would be a book that teaches me everything including LWP and includes a CD as well. Any suggestions? [edited by - bishop_pass on July 28, 2002 12:34:59 PM]

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O''Rielly books are good. I love their HTML book because it has all of the details and little coding tips you don''t ind in any other book. I would bet that their perl book is just as good.

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Im a perl coder. I learnt from "Perl for dummies" - it includes a CD too. It (briefly) covers LWP.

A lot of the book is about basic programming stuff like conditionals, loops, operators etc. It assumes you know nothing, which is what you said you are looking for But heres a run down of what it covers:

- Installing perl and getting it running
- standard input / output, using print and whatnot
- conditionals / loops / operators / functions
- arrays / lists / hashes
- File I/O
- Intro to CGI programming (thats where LWP comes in)
- Regular expressions (very good starting guide to regexps if you have never used them before, and you WILL use them a lot in perl)
- simple database (not SQL) access
- OO perl (doesnt explain this enough, but there are guides on the net if you are interested in OO perl)

I still use it as a reference, as im getting a bit rusty on perl lately :/

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I''m trying to install the LWP module into my cygwin distro from CPAN using:

perl -MCPAN -eshell

as the interface to do it. It works, except there are some problems later on related to ''make'' and HTML::HeadParser.

A google search yields some posts on other forums implying that this might be a common problem, but I haven''t found a quick fix for it. Or even any fix.

Has anyone successfully installed LWP into cygwin or encountered any similar problems?

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