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Sprite drawing problem, Window/Full?

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okey, i''m trying to draw numbers on the screen. i made a texture that have all the numbers in it, size 128x16. each number takes 12x16 (11, and a line to seperate). when i''m drawing the numbers, i set the tu/tv with- float left = (float)(CurrentFrame*12+1)/128; float right = (float)(CurrentFrame*12 + 11) /128; and update the vertex as i should.. the problem- i''m trying to draw "8888". if i use fullscreen mode, it''s fine. but when i use window mode, the first "88" show on the screen with the seperation line in the end(left end) but the last "88" are fine, no line at the end.. ha? there isn''t any diffrent in the way i''m drawing the "8" it''s in a "for" loop! so what''s going on here? and why on the window mode? the other sprites that i draw, look the same in fullsacreen/window, but there i use the whole texture(from 0.0 to 1.)) help? ---- Logic can take you from Point A to Point B, But dreams can take you ANYWHERE

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