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Full Screen DX with C++.NET

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I''ve recently started using .NET over VC++ 6 for my DirectX development, but I''m having some problems with the debugger. I have a multiple monitor setup running under Windows XP Pro and DirectX 8.1. With version 6 I could drag the debug output window to the second monitor and be able to see the debug window updating as my code ran. With .NET, I run the program by hitting F5, and the debugger window seems to move back to the primary display and become a background window until my application closes, at which time it moves back to where it should be. At that time I cann see all the information that was sent to the debugger. Any ideas why this might be happening? I can''t find anything in the help files on this and it''s starting to get frustrating. Thanks a bunch.

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VS.NET remembers the layout for when you''re debugging and when you''re coding. So what you need to do is start debugging an app, then move the output window. Then, whenever you debug apps in the future, it''ll remember that you have the output window there and put it back. You can then keep it on your primary monitor when you''re writing code (for example).

In summary, debug a non-fullscreen app, and move the debug window over to your secondary moniter then.

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