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Structure Size Question

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While reading through the through one of the forums on the site I came across an article about pointers etc. The part that I am confused is as follows: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// A pointer is an address variable. All pointers are four bytes wide. Pointers must have a type that describes the memory at the address they point to. int pointers point to int variables, and int variables only, for instance. They need to be of a certain type because pointers only point to a byte, which could be the only byte, or it could be the first byte or a longer data type. Here''s an example of one benefit of using pointers: struct RECORD { char szFirstName[80]; char szLastName[80]; char szAddress1[80]; char szAddress2[80]; char szPhone[20]; char szNotes[200]; } RECORD r; Here, r is a variable of type RECORD. The variable r requires 460 bytes of memory. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// What I am confused about is that it says the variable r would need 460 bytes of memory. Should''nt the value be 540 bytes of memory? How about them apples?

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Probably missed an "80" when he punched it into the calculator

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