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libs needed for mySQL

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I wrote my own mySQL class that works great when I compile it from an example workspace included with the mySQL SDK but when I create my own workspace and try to compile one of two things happen. If I include mysql++.lib I get a bunch of redefinition errors. If I don't include that file I get a bunch of undefined errors. Looking at the two workspaces I'm not seeing anything obviously different about them. You can download my class and VC++ 6 Workspace here If anyone could tell me what I need to do to get it to compile that would be great. -edit- Got it working. HOW TO ADD MYSQL++ TO AN EXISTING VISUAL C++ PROJECT ---------------------------------------------------- 1) Add mysql++.lib to the project 2) Go to Project Settings, C/C++ tab, category Preprocessor, and add the directories include and mysql/include to the "Additional include directories" edit box 3) In the source files, in which you want to use MySQL++, add the line #include <mysql++> after all other included header files (especially those of MFC) 4) In every project you make with MySQL++ support, you need to use the multithreaded DLL run-time library. This can be set in Project Settings, C/C++ tab, category Code Generation, "Use run-time library" listbox. If you don't want to change your run-time library, change the run-time library in the MySQL++ project and rebuild mysql++.lib (warning: this is not recommended and may yield linker errors in your project!) ---------------------------------------------------- The download now includes the working workspace and the DLL needed to run. Now to use make it do something worthwhile... Ben IcarusIndie.com [ The Rabbit Hole | The Labyrinth | DevZone | Gang Wars | The Wall | Hosting | Dot Com ] [edited by - KalvinB on July 28, 2002 9:38:36 PM]

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You''re using the wrong runtime library, go to:
Project -> Settings -> C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Use Runtime Library.
Set it to "Debug Multithreaded DLL" for Win32 Debug, and "Multithreaded DLL" for Win32 Release.

And remember to link mysql++.lib in as well.

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