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md2 combos

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Hi- I just beginning trying to work with md2 files. I''ve got an example of a goblin and a weapon in 2 md2 files. I''ve noticed that the number of frames (?) in the 2 files is not the same, and when trying to animate the goblin WITH the weapon, things get out of sync very fast, and when the goblin transitions to a frame the does not exist in the weapon file, well, you know what happens. what''s the deal with animating and keeping these 2 files in sync? thanks

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I noticed the same thing with some MD2 models that I downloaded.

All I can say is that they were poorly (incorrectly) made.
I''ve found plenty of models that are "good" (number of frames
are the same for both the character and the weapon). But
some are just "bad".

I''m surprised that even LadyDeath (by Paul Steed) has the
same error...

Kami no Itte ga ore ni zettai naru!

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