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Howdy! I''ve got an opengl/win prototype for a game project, and the thing runs for about 15 seconds on win98 systems, and then abends with a 217 runtime error (so I''m told) (delphi 6). pgm runs fine on win95, and XP. any hints/clues/ideas? pgm was delveloped on win95 and XP. thanks.

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According to this, some possibilities are:

In fact, Delphi executables will die with runtime error 217 when an exception was raised before SysUtils is initialized or after it is finalized. In both situations the regular exception handling is not put in place.

If the error occurs right at your application''s startup, check your initialization sections. Try to move code into a later part, e.g. into FormCreate() events.
Otherwise check your units'' finalization sections.

Some typical situations where this can happen:

- unexpected date formats

- disk or registry accesses where the user has not sufficient privileges

- BDE Net Dir mismatches

For how long is your program meant to run? What''s it doing each frame? Are you sure that all required resources are allocated before use? Is there any example code you could post here for either the init, per-frame or shutdown parts?

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