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Fastest polygon drawing ?!?!

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HI, I''m writing a 3d strategy game, and have some strange notices. My poly drawing seems to be slow. I have a P4 1.6+GF3, and it produces 20-25fps with 20k polys on screen. I''m using my own 3d culling, ''cause it adds 3-4fps. So, those 20.000 polys are really visible. It doesn''t depend on the screen res, the 20fps is 20fps on 640x480 and 1600x1200 as well. I''m curious, is this the right way to draw custom transformed primitives. 1. Transform and light vertices 2. Culling visible faces 3. Filling the Vertex buffer 4. Drawing primitives (Trianglestrips) When I removed the step#4 the engine was running with 2-300 fps

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