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Good fun RPG with lots of depth!

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Necrotech is a 3D science fiction roleplay game set in a dark future. The city of Metapolis has been sealed off, its government''s whereabouts unknown. No one knows what has happened, or who is in control. It is a time of oppurtunity for hired muscle, bounty hunters, adventure seekers and mercenaries. Features include up to 3 party members, 20 skills, cybernetic upgrades, weaponry ranging from the conventional to particle, conversations, encounters, combat, and multiple ways to complete each mission. Beta 3 Includes: A full real time combat system, with each and every weapon now rated for speed! computer hacking! Regen labs in the city, pay to be healed! On screen compass to help you navigate! Reload gun option in battle mode to save trips to the inventory! Walk speed improved - doubled actually! Game over screen links back to main menu! To beta test, go to www.spectre-software.com now! Spectre Software - RPGs, strategy, puzzle games, programming

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Ok I've tried the new release and have some comments.

1) The game definately seems more stable but I still got a script error. It happened when I was in a battle in this warehouse type place, I clicked on the text saying how much damage I had done and then the error came up.

2) The city looks alot better now, but alot of the trees seem out of place to me, I would of thought street lights would have been more fitting.

3) When choosing a what type of shot I wanted, if I accidently choose the wrong one I don't know how to get back to the menu.

4) You should be able to unload weapons.

5) When you ask about your brother at the bar, the barman says talk isn't cheap but he doesn't tell you how much he wants.

6) Your missing "nurse portrait.jpg"

7) I got killed by a pair of evil bots and when I loaded my save game everything was black except for some buildings ahead of me. When I moved forward I got a script error. (EDIT: this happened again)

8) Missions should update when you get new information e.g. when you get the info from the barkeep, the missing brother mission shoukd update and say something like "My brother was seen being dragged to.... etc."

9) The compass is absoloutly useless, I'm not entirely sure I'm using it right. Maybe the first letter of the direction your facing could be displayed in between the movement arrows?

10) Sometimes the reload doesn't work when I use it in battle, it takes the time up but my gun is still empty.

11) Music stops when you use the inventory in a battle

12) A script error comes up if your still reloading after the battle ends, this script error doesn't seem to have any negative effects

Good job anyhow!

- DarkIce

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