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collision with the heightmapped terrain is driving me INSANE!

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i''ve been spending a week trying to make this planar-poitn collision work with all this vector junk, and it doesn''t work. then i see this ominous 4e3 entry with hegihtmaps. i load it up, and its got perfect heightmap collision. so i look in the code trying to find it, and i get this(very sorry to the author, but i CANNOT figure this out):
float CTerrain::GetHeight(float x, float z)
	float tilex, tilez;

	tilex = (float)(x / Scale);
	tilez = (float)(z / Scale);

	int col0 = int(tilex);
	int row0 = int(tilez);
	int col1 = col0 + 1;
	int row1 = row0 + 1;

	if (col1 > Width*Scale)
		col1 = 0;
	if (row1 > Depth*Scale)
		row1 = 0;
	float h00 = Terrain[col0*Width+row0].y;
	float h01 = Terrain[col1*Width+row0].y;
	float h11 = Terrain[col1*Width+row1].y;
	float h10 = Terrain[col0*Width+row1].y;

	float tx = tilex - float(col0);
	float ty = tilez - float(row0);
	float txty = tx * ty;

	float final_height = h00 * (1.0f - ty - tx + txty)
				       + h01 * (tx - txty)
					   + h11 * txty
                       + h10 * (ty - txty);

	return final_height;
all i want is an explanation of the last part and what each of those variables is.

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