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please test, going mad.

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Here is a simple demo to demonstrate my problem. Use a/z to zoom in/out and the cursor keys to scroll. The vertices are meant to have a texture set which blends into the surrounding vertices. I get this happening, but only on some triangles; others are drawn solidly with one texture. The wierd thing is that if you zoom in, you should see which tringles do what suddenly switch! No idea why the distance would make any difference, all 3 polys in each place have exact same vertices apart from alpha. AAAAARGGGH!
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John 3:16

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Did not work on my computer.
Window pop up, and then CRASH!

850 Mhz
Window XP
Ati Rage Fury Pro 32
256 Mb ram

just to lett you know.

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Crashes on startup,

P4 2.0Ghz, 256MB
GF4 MSI Ti4200, latest drivers.

Here''s the log:
Opened a log file

Creating Node, ID=0. W=2748695184,H=2748695184. Level=0
Creating Node, ID=1. W=1374347592,H=1374347592. Level=1
Creating Node, ID=2. W=687173796,H=687173796. Level=2
Creating Node, ID=3. W=343586898,H=343586898. Level=3
Creating Node, ID=4. W=171793449,H=171793449. Level=4
Creating Node, ID=5. W=85896724,H=85896724. Level=5
Creating Node, ID=6. W=42948362,H=42948362. Level=6
Creating Node, ID=7. W=21474181,H=21474181. Level=7
Creating Node, ID=8. W=10737090,H=10737090. Level=8
Creating Node, ID=9. W=5368545,H=5368545. Level=9
Creating Node, ID=10. W=2684272,H=2684272. Level=10
Creating Node, ID=11. W=1342136,H=1342136. Level=11
Creating Node, ID=12. W=671068,H=671068. Level=12
Creating Node, ID=13. W=335534,H=335534. Level=13
Creating Node, ID=14. W=167767,H=167767. Level=14
Creating Node, ID=15. W=83883,H=83883. Level=15
Creating Node, ID=16. W=41941,H=41941. Level=16
Creating Node, ID=17. W=20970,H=20970. Level=17
Creating Node, ID=18. W=10485,H=10485. Level=18
Creating Node, ID=19. W=5242,H=5242. Level=19
Creating Node, ID=20. W=2621,H=2621. Level=20
Creating Node, ID=21. W=1310,H=1310. Level=21
Creating Node, ID=22. W=655,H=655. Level=22
Creating Node, ID=23. W=327,H=327. Level=23
Creating Node, ID=24. W=163,H=163. Level=24
Creating Node, ID=25. W=81,H=81. Level=25
Creating Node, ID=26. W=40,H=40. Level=26
Creating Node, ID=27. W=20,H=20. Level=27

Good luck with your app,
- James

PS. We could be more helpfull if we could see the code.

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