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Texture Tiling from MAX to DirectX?

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I''ve been trying to tile a terrain mesh for months now, but whenever I export it to x-file it fails to tile. Only one tile shows. Any suggestion how to fix this? Thanks, -Toyemann

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what''s tiling, the texture or the terrain?

the texture:

make sure you have wrap mode turned on and double check the exact coords in the mesh to make sure.

the terrain:

from my luck, ID3DXMesh doesn''t mess up. it must be exporting wrong. What are you using, conv3ds? if you are, there''s been a lot of problems with it. Do a search on the forums for more responses.

If all else fails, try loading the 3ds file by hand. There''s a nice tutorial on this site (although long). If it''s too long to digest, check out gametutorials.com for a sample of loading it in OpenGl. The two APIs are very alike so converting the code is just a matter of time.

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Well, if Your problem is tiling the texture I might have an idea. I had the same problem; I tried tiling the texture and converting the mesh with conv3ds to a x-file, but it only showed one large texture-mess. So I used a UVW-XFORM-Modifier on the mesh and collapsed the stack. Voilá, no texture problems.
Hope that could help,

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