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Try my engine demo!

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During the last months I have been working on a little 3D engine in DirectX and created a demo - it''s for a school project. It''s a nice little world, non-interactive, plays a movie ...requires DirectX 8.1 and a GeForce 2, I didn''t test it with a GeForce 1 but I guess it won''t run well... The demo is locked to 40 fps - didn''t feel that we''d need more: so don''t expect a higher frame rate http://www.nelie.org/snerd/demo.zip size: 1,8 megs Thanks in advance

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Give yourself a pat on the back - I thought it was very well done. I couldn't find a single bug (other than those ants ) in it. It ran smooth (always right around the 40fps) on my celeron 466, geforce 2 mx200. I have a few questions and suggestions:

How did you do the camera movement? I would like to do something similar. Also, how did you do your heightmap? It seemed quite well done and ran fast.

As for suggestions, I wouldn't lock the fps at 40. Try letting the program run as fast as possible, but use time based movement on the camera and ants. Other than that, it was very well done!

Moe's site

Edit - my bad spelling.

[edited by - Moe on July 30, 2002 12:31:47 PM]

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It ran smooth @ 40 Only the sound was after 1 Min verry bad,

XP 1800+ GF2 MX 400 SBlive

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Thanks a lot for the kind words :D

To answer your questions Moe:

I''ve written a very basic scripting language - hey, I already have a great one in my pocket Ravensoft''s ICARUS, but on the other side, this is for school rofl .
As you can see when you open the intro.txt file there are also camera-commands, though'' they read very cryptic Basically this way i control the camera, but if you want to have a look into my sources I''d be glad to email them to you.

About the hight map: this example uses 4x 4 heightmaps which are each based on a 256x256 image. I have written a "map-compiler" that takes a huge grayscale image( 2000x2000 for example ), renders the map and builds a texture map this way (with mountain, water, grass textures ) and then splits the whole thing into 256x256 chunks.
Then I load each chunk and split it again in 4x4 - a cheap quad-tree

Then you can imagine the way I handle culling: simple frustrum culling...

About the 40fps limit: I have one problem I didn''t tell you: the demo also runs on a higher frame rate on my crappy computer, but when my script loads a midi file there is a drastical drop in FPS for a moment, which is very very recognizeable. So by limiting to 40fps I reduce the drop''s influence.

Do you know if it is possible to load a midi using DirectMusic on startup and then play it when needed? So I could avoid it....

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