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confusing error message

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hello everyone, I don''t understand this problem. The compiler reports an error, but I can''t fix it. Basically, in the header file, I include the line "ofstream logFile" I need my log file to output to a file. But I keep getting the following error. Any ideas anyone? I can''t see the problem! Any suggestions much appreciated, - Thankyou in advance, kind reagrds #pragma once #include <string.h> ... class CLog { public: CLog(); ~CLog(void); .... // the usual stuff private: .... ofstream logFile; <--- error message refers to this line }; This is the error message: c:\demo\Log.h(48): error C2079: ''CLog::logFile'' uses undefined class ''std::basic_ofstream<_Elem,_Traits>'' with [ _Elem=char, _Traits=std::char_traits ]

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yes, when i included that at the top of the file I received the following error.

* Warning C4995, ''_OLD_IOSTREAMS_ARE_DEPRECATED'' is a deprecated name, is
* being issued because the old I/O Streams headers iostreams.h et al will no
* longer be supported from VC8. Replace references such as #include
* with #include <iostreams>, using the new, more conformant, I/O
* Streams headers.

Fair enough, since I''m using VC8. However, even when i use
#include <iostream>

I still get an error message referring to the same line as before.
Thanks for the suggestion, but it still doesnt work :-(

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hehehe... i laugh because i also had the same problem once. i was knocking my head on the table, not seeing what''s wrong. then it hit me.

std::ofstream logFile; 
that should fix it.


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damn, still no luck! this is driving me crazy!
but thanks for the tip anyway, ill keep trying. :-)

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Original post by csxpcm
damn, still no luck! this is driving me crazy!
but thanks for the tip anyway, ill keep trying. :-)

what i said didn't help? did it change anything? or do you still get exactly the same error message? that's weird...

here's my CLog class, see if you can get anything from it...


#pragma once

#ifndef _wwELog_H_

#define _wwELog_H_

#include "wwEPrerequisites.h"

#include "wwEString.h"
#include "wwESingletonCleaner.h"

namespace wwE

enum LoggingLevel {
LL_LOW = 1,

enum LogMessageLevel {
LML_LOW = 1,

class CLog
std::ofstream m_oLog;
LoggingLevel m_oLoggingLevel;
bool m_bDebugOutput;

inline char* MessagePriorityIndicator(LogMessageLevel oLMLevel, char *szBuffer);

CLog(const String &sLogName, LoggingLevel oLoggingLevel = LL_NORMAL, bool bDebugOutput = true);

void LogMessage(const String &oMessage, LogMessageLevel oLMLevel = LML_NORMAL);
void LogMessage(LogMessageLevel oLMLevel, const char *szMessage, ...);

#endif // _wwELog_H_


#include "wwELog.h"

namespace wwE
CLog::CLog(const String &sLogName, LoggingLevel oLoggingLevel, bool bDebugOutput)
printf("CLog created (%s, %i, %s).\n", sLogName.c_str(), static_cast<int>(oLoggingLevel), bDebugOutput ? "true" : "false");

m_oLoggingLevel = oLoggingLevel;
m_bDebugOutput = bDebugOutput;

// log the log creation

LogMessage(LML_HIGH, "log (name - '%s', logging level - %i) created", sLogName.c_str(), static_cast<int>(oLoggingLevel));

// log the log destruction

LogMessage(LML_HIGH, "log successfully finished");


printf("CLog destroyed.\n");

void CLog::LogMessage(const String& sMessage, LogMessageLevel oLMLevel)
if (oLMLevel + m_oLoggingLevel >= 4)
tm *pFormattedTime;
time_t oRawTime;
char szBuffer[4] = {'\0'};

// figure out time

pFormattedTime = localtime(&oRawTime);

// display the message on the debugging screen, if asked to

if (m_bDebugOutput)
printf("%s (%i:%i:%i) %s\n", MessagePriorityIndicator(oLMLevel, szBuffer), pFormattedTime->tm_hour, pFormattedTime->tm_min, pFormattedTime->tm_sec, sMessage.c_str());

// log the message

m_oLog << MessagePriorityIndicator(oLMLevel, szBuffer) << " (" << pFormattedTime->tm_hour << ":" << pFormattedTime->tm_min << ":" << pFormattedTime->tm_sec << ") " << sMessage << "\n";

// to make sure the file is written to, instead of the buffer


void CLog::LogMessage(LogMessageLevel oLMLevel, const char *szMessage, ...)
// don't waste time if this message isn't going to be logged anyway

if (!(oLMLevel + m_oLoggingLevel >= 4))

static char szBuffer[4097];
va_list oList;

va_start(oList, szMessage);
vsprintf(szBuffer, szMessage, oList);
LogMessage(szBuffer, oLMLevel);

inline char* CLog::MessagePriorityIndicator(LogMessageLevel oLMLevel, char *szBuffer)
for (int iLoop1 = 0; iLoop1 < static_cast<int>(oLMLevel); iLoop1++) {

for (; iLoop1 < 4; iLoop1++) {
szBuffer[2 - iLoop1] = ' ';

return szBuffer;

and these are my stream related standard includes (of course, most of them aren't used in the above example).

#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <strstream>
#include <sstream> // for int or float to string conversions

[edited by - shurcool on July 30, 2002 6:18:07 PM]

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thanks everyone, ill have a look through code posted, and im sure I''ll be able to fix it.
kind reagrds

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