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Starting an human model

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Alright I''ve been pretty busy working on inorganic models, weapons, mechs, ships. Now I want to go a step farther and start a human model. But where should I start at? Is it easier to start from the lower body and work up or vice versa? I''d really appreciate advice on this. Btw, I''m not try to make this low poly necesarily, would gladly sacrifice poly count for high detail and or realism.

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Human models are the most complex and entertaining kind to make. Personally, I use the reliable, affordable Ray Dream Studio.

In order to make human models I start by creating the torso. The reason being that everything on the body stems from this central point.

Also I tend to create each body part seperately and then either (a) piece them together and add Inverse Kinetics and such or (b) weld them together. I usually stick to plan A.

After the basic human elements are done in low-poly (and welded if you''re using plan B) then detail is just a matter of subdividing the surfaces. Once the desired detail is achieved you can add accessories to your model like guantlets, helmets, guns, jetpacks, swords, cloaks, boots, armor, fatigues or whatever.

Happy modeling!

"There are only three types of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can''t."

Justin Nordin
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