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Need help with 3D engine theory

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Right now I''m working on an independant study project for college credit. What I''m doing is gathering as much information as I can on 3D engine programming (polygonal and raycasting). I was wondering if anyone here could provide me with some information or point me to a few good resources. I''m also doing this for the Progger Catacombs, a small site branching off of the homepage of my freeware game development organization, Terrakain Software, and Inverted Normal (my graphics design thing).

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I can recommend "Computer Graphics: C Version" by Hearn and Baker (ISBN 0-13-530924-7) as having a pretty good section on ray-tracing. It covers the basics of almost all of computer graphics so it''s a good book to have around anyway.

Web links:

Doesn''t gamedev itself have a few articles on 3d engines?

Well, here''s the 3d engines list:
Usually the projects will discuss the methods of which they use to implement the engine.

has done a tutorial on a portal engine.

I think CrystalSpace also has a pretty good explanation on portal engines:

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Woohoo! Thanks. I can''t believe I overlooked Flipcode. In addition, I just ordered The Black Art of 3D Programming (why are game industry veterans so eccentric?)

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