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Mixing D3D IM with D3DX

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Its me again. Ive fixed my texture problems by using D3DX to load my textures with its handy createtextureFromfile() function... but now heres another question / problem. I can initialise D3DX just fine, even load a texture, and get my backbuffer, And i can blit to the backbuffer fine, even call Primary->Flip(). what i now CANT do anymore (since D3DX), is use DrawPrimitive() to render textured or untextured primitives. I have called GetD3DDevice() ok, but when I use it to call DrawPrimitive (between Begin/EndScene()) it just dosent put anything onscreen, despite not returning errors. Ive read you can mix n match components of D3DX, but can you definitley initialise everything with D3DX, then get the device interface and happily render as normal using TLVERTEX and DrawPrimitive()? It dosent seem to work..... *Never had these problems in 2D.... mumble...mumble....* http://www.positech.co.uk

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I''m certain it''s not D3DX causing your problems (at least not directly). You can do anything in D3D you normally could do when your using D3DX. As Kylotan suggested, it''s probably a lighting problem. Try clearing with a different background color. If the lighting is set up incorrectly, you should see a bunch of black shadows (which are your polygons).


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