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3d animation set woes.

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We are programming a program that loads an x file into an animation set. Is there a way to apply a different texture to one of the objects loaded from this x file. We have been able to get another instance of the object but not to change its texture. We tried the following. mainform.DXDraw.D3DRM3.GetNamedObject(PChar(a), tmp); PartFrame:=IDIRECT3DRMFRAME3(tmp); mainform.DXDraw.D3DRM3.CreateFrame(IDIRECT3DRMFRAME3(mainform.DXDraw.Scene),MeshFrame); mainform.DXDraw.D3DRM3.LoadTexture(PChar(ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName)+tex), image); PartFrame.SetTexture(image); MeshFrame.SetPosition(IDIRECT3DRMFRAME3(mainform.DXDraw.Scene), -10, 0, 0); MeshFrame.AddVisual(PartFrame); N.B. all calls had return value of 0. Any help would be most appreciated. Cheers, Matt. Edited by - Smegboy on 3/30/00 10:28:58 PM

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