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linker error

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I don''t know if this is the right forum for this buuuuut... I''m trying to make my own header, sort of a directdraw wrapper I guess and when I try to compile my program I get this error tryout.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl CreateDirectDrawInterface(void)" (?CreateDirectDrawInterface@@YAHXZ) My program is just a minimum windows program with a call to this function int CreateDirectDrawInterface() { if(FAILED(DirectDrawCreate(NULL, &lpdd, NULL))) DXError(1); if(FAILED(lpdd->QueryInterface(IID_IDirectDraw4, (LPVOID *)&lpdd4))) DXError(2); if(FAILED(lpdd->Release())) DXError(5); lpdd = NULL; if(FAILED(lpdd4->SetCooperativeLevel(hwnd, DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE / DDSCL_FULLSCREEN / DDSCL_ALLOWMODEX / DDSCL_ALLOWREBOOT) DXError(3); } which is located in my DXWrap.h header file. Can someone help me out here im stumped.

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Try declaring the function before u call it.

// declare it
extern int CreateDirectDrawInterface()

// call it

// define it
int CreateDirectDrawInteface()
//.. blah, blah.

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