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My D3DX Crisis.

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Due to the lack of decent MS-D3DX sample appz, im having a crisis. I cant find *ANY* documentation on the Direct7 SDK, nor on the Internet! Ive been to the Developers page at Microsoft.com, only to find minimal info. See if u can find a function reference for ->GetDD()! I actually got my app to dump some D3DX sprites, but they came out white! I tried to fix it, but a few hours later, my app decided to say "Not enough memory to render" or something. I then copied back the source I changed, but it still spews at me. I then spent another hour trying to fix what went wrong. Now im left with about 500 lines of abused code in my app, just so I could fix what went wrong. Lucky I make backups everyday, cant wait to hit that "del" key. Has anyone successfully implemented D3DX ontop of a DirectDraw7 game? I would appreciate if someone:anyone:anything:anywhere:anyhow gave me some code to go of! I think im going bald.

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Original post by SikCiv

See if u can find a function reference for ->GetDD()!

What, like:

The ID3DXContext::GetDD method retrieves a pointer to an IDirectDraw7 interface.

Return Values
If the method succeeds, the method returns a pointer to an IDirectDraw7 interface.

If the method fails, NULL is returned.

Applications use the returned IDirectDraw7 interface to call DirectDraw methods.

Note that a reference count is maintained for the DirectDraw object encapsulated by a context object. So, it is the application''s responsibility to release the IDirectDraw7 interface when it is no longer needed by the application.

If you didn''t get documentation with your SDK, try looking at the DirectX Developer Center on microsoft.com. They have the docs online, although I think you have to have java enabled (if that makes a difference).

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