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Pinging and getting info from a Quake 3 OSP server.

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I can''t find any information about pinging and getting info such as current map, players and scores from a Quake 3 OSP server. You know those things that are displayed in eg GameSpy. I''m going to write a small server tool but can''t find any information. All resources, hints and sample code (c++) are appriciated.

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Sure. First make sure you're communicating with UDP packets.

Simply send this over to the server:


Easy, eh? Now, it will reply to you with a packet that looks just like so..

\version\Q3 1.16n win-x86 Mar 14 2000\g_maxGameClients\0
19 0 "Mynx"
77 0 "Orbb"
61 0 "Crash"
139 0 "Hunter"
83 0 "Lucy"
87 0 "Grunt"
81 0 "Lucy"

Just parse up the info parameters until the last \0, then parse the user list. I believe the names at the end are setup like so..


Where as for the first item, Mynx is the player's name, 19 is the ping, and 0 is the score.

If that isn't the case, then its


I honestly don't remember. Query a few servers and judge for yourself based on the results.

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Oh, to correct myself, do not parse up to the last \0, because that is a variable number. Parse up to the next linebreak, because that whole first block of information does not contain line breaks, I merely inserted them in there so I didn''t screw up the formatting of the forums.

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