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My book released for 2D programming in Blitz Basic!

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Hiya, Just wanted to let you know that my book, "Learn to Program 2D Games in Blitz Basic", was just recently released! It is a comprehensive guide to creating 2D games with Blitz Basic. An accompanying CD contains a demo version of Blitz Basic, as well as all the example programs referenced througout the book, which can be loaded directly into the Blitz IDE, and compiled and run with ease. Aimed at beginners and advanced users alike, "Learn to Program 2D Games in Blitz Basic" start with the roots of game development, and continues to explore the ins-and-outs of the Blitz Basic development language, including arrays, data types, data banks, graphics, sound and music, and user input. Advanced topics such as sprite collision, scrolling, particle effects, basic pathfinding and z-ordering are also extensively documented. Topics covered in-depth include: * Program Control Statements * Understanding and Using Arrays * Understanding and Using Data Types * Functions and Libraries * File Manipulation * Graphics and Sprites * Animation Techniques * Collision Detection * Input Handling * Sound and Music * Timers * Z-Ordering * Tiled/Scrolling Backgrounds * Waypoint Path-Finding * Particles and Explosions * Multi-Player Networking * many more! The book''s 27 chapters conclude with the creation of a multi-player network space game, using all the knowledge you''ve gained from the previous chapters. "Learn to Program 2D Games in Blitz Basic" provides a good source of reference material which will give you the knowledge to quickly and easily create your own games with Blitz Basic! More information can be found at (or more specifically, Thanks! -Krylar Blitz Basic Game Development Resources

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