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What should i look into for this ?

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I have a game engine and i want to add in effects such as explosions. Warps and cool lil animation effects such as fog ect into my 2D game engine made in DirectX 7.0. Where can i find info on how to make the effects like explosions and stuff i know in opengl there is a thing called a "partical system" same type of idea but i dont know how it works in directx

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Guest Anonymous Poster
you''d have been better off if you used directx 8 it has much better particle type support, i''m not sure if directdraw has it at all...

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a particle system is not specific to any one API like openGL it is a general term. even under directX a particle system would be used to produce effects such as fire...smoke and what ur talking about.

ive never used directdraw but i figure it should work like this.
-load in an image that ull use for your particle enfine..say 16x16 fancy star or something.
-once this image has been loaded in you duplicate it as many times as you want. say for a spark effect you generate about 50 duplicates.(now remember for a spark effect you have teh sparks comming out of the source just once, so you wouldnt need to go into a loop of constantly creating new particles (particles meaning our spark)) instead just release all the sparks at once.
-once they are all released you can calculate their position over time make them move each frame.
- and if u want u can have them change color over time, and then you should have them fade to Alpha (0) so that it looks like they dissapeared.

do a search on google or over here in the forums or in the resource section. i =think= there was a really good article on particle systems on gamasutra.com


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