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Console Development Kits?

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Don''t qoute me,but Im pretty sure there is one for the Playstation 2 that was released ( a linux version) that you can buy. I also believe that Microsoft got very pissed at Sony for not using a version of Windows for the interface .


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You can develop code for just about any console out there.

There are plenty of resources available for Dreamcast development. The same goes for the PSX.

For older consoles, you''ll need to grab yourself an assembler and some documentation, and you''ll be set. You can also develop in C for a lot of systems (Sega Genesis, Saturn, Neo Geo, Data East arcade hardware, TG16, GBA, etc.)

To actually run your code on the systems you''ll need to make a flash ROM (or EEPROM) based cartridge (or obtain a backup device), or in the case of CD-based systems, just burn CD-Rs (you''ll need a mod-chip for many of the systems.)

Emulators are great for testing but having your code run on one is by no means a guarantee that it will work on an actual system (emulators almost never simulate the hardware quirks that many games work around.)


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