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Riboflavonic compound

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i am trying to design a compound simulation with proper flow charts to exhibit the algorithms progression through the modular variables, *global modular vars. in c++.... anyway it needs to simulate the trapzee movement of a riboflavonic function with the ablility to start growth and progression of other programs while giving some kick and "pazaazz" by adding super blast boom simulations to show how it effects the fire boomerangs that are swinging randomly as directed by the std protocol of most compounded functions of this nature. the problem being the coagulatory tweaks within the functions output to the growth extensions in other applications. why does this happen... im looking for a generally specific answer because i know my description did not delve into the application of the proto-function. and if anyone has any insight on the adapation of tomatonic dimplomatic relation intergration and if it can be applied to this sort of operation or if my head is in my ass and its a dream and not feasable.

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btw i have some source code specifically where i need help but i think its a hardware driver problem thanks to microsoft"

off the record (they are pole smoking fuck heads ;P)
but what u gonna do.
heres the problem

#define _Cplusplus
#include <sys/io.h>
#include <sys/aux.h>
int main(void) {
*ptr LPHEADR = typedef void(void);
cin >> int y_def;
itoa(LPHEADER, y_def);
return &LPHEADER

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I don't know about that simulation problem of yours.. But what comes to your other "problem" this should fix it:

1) Use your mouse to paint over the area of code you just posted here.
2) Click "delete" on the keyboard (that's the (most likely) white thing with buttons that you have in front of you).
3) Buy a nice book about programming OR Go to school.
4) Study.


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