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GetProcAddress Not Owrking in Release Mode!?

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i can compile the library in release mode, and my app finds all the functions BUT ONLY IN DEBUG MODE. as soon as i try to use the un-modded code in release mode, GetProcAddress returns NULL (fails) heres the Library code:
#define EXPORT_FUNCTION extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)

using namespace std;
vector<script_variable*> curVars;
EXPORT_FUNCTION int SetVariables(script_variable *vars)
	return 1;

EXPORT_FUNCTION int CL_DLLTest(script_function *F)
	F->call_return.type = F_INT;
	return 1;
EXPORT_FUNCTION int init(int read,int write)
	printf("CLi LibTest.dll Init!\n");
	return 1;
this is the App side source
typedef int (*F_LIBINITF) ( int read_pipe,int write_pipe);
typedef int (*F_LIBFUNC_NP) ( script_function*F);
typedef int (*F_LIBSETVAR) ( script_variable*F);

// loading function ...

	unsigned int &sz = scLibs[_cur].f_count;			
	scLibs[_cur].functions_np[sz] = (F_LIBFUNC_NP) GetProcAddress((HMODULE) scLibs[_cur].hLib, libOpp);
	string_t namp = libOpp;
	scLibs[_cur].functions_names[sz] = namp.line;

	  printf("Error Loading Function [%s]\n",libOpp);
	  scLibs[_cur].f_count--; // remove this one

	} else {
	printf("Loaded Function [%s]\n",libOpp);
// end ...


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possibly the dll you are trting to load the functions from is not being loaded. why not make sure the dll is loaded before blaming GetProcAddress() since i have had it only fail on two occasions.
1. dll was not loaded due to the wrong path given to LoadLibrary()
2. function was not exported/forgot to use extern C{}

seems like number 1 is happneing to you.

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