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Sniper PT

Work with *.dta files....

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Hello I'm newbie is game programing and i'm portuguese (so, my english isn't good...). I need the code, in visual basic, for open, delete and add files on a dta file. This dta file is a data file of the game Hidden and Dangerous. Can you give that code? Thank you Sniper PT P.S.: I have the code to open that files: <--CODE -------------- Enclosure number 1 ---------------- ' Hidden & Dangerous DTA/CNT open code (Visual Basic) ' By Devilliers Alexandre for Dragon UnPACKer 4 Type DTA_CNT_Header ' 24 Bytes ID As String * 8 ' "COMPCNT4" DTASize As Long ' Size of the .DTA file Unknown1 As Long ' Maybe some CRCs for .DTA file Unknown2 As Long ' Maybe some CRCs for .DTA file Dirnum As Long End Type Type DTA_CNT_Entry ' Variable Bytes Offset As Long Size As Long End Type ' Get16 FileName Sub OpenDTA_CNT(Fil$) Dim HDR As DTA_CNT_Header, ENT As DTA_CNT_Entry If Dir(Fil$) = "" Then 'File not found Exit Sub End If HFil = FreeFile Open Fil$ For Binary As #HFil ID_DTA$ = " " Get #HFil, , ID_DTA$ If ID_DTA$ <> "DTA_" Then ' Bad Format Close #HFil Exit Sub End If ' CNT file.. Same filename but with .cnt extension CNTFil$ = Left(Fil$, InStrRev(Fil$, ".")) + "cnt" If Dir(CNTFil$, vbHidden) = "" Then ' CNT file not found (those files are usually hidden) Close #HFil Exit Sub End If CFil = FreeFile Open CNTFil$ For Binary As #CFil Get #CFil, , HDR If HDR.DTASize <> LOF(HFil) Then ' Bad File Size Close #HFil, CFil Exit Sub End If For x = 1 To HDR.Dirnum Get CFil, , ENT get16 CFil, nam$ ' x as Integer + String * x ' ENT.Offset ' ENT.Size Next End Sub CODE--> [edited by - Sniper PT on August 12, 2002 6:22:33 AM]

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