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Space-Shooter Engine question

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Hya, just a little question... Does anybody know the theory how you could make a endless looking universe with multiple perons playing in it? i''ve tried something but i don''t know what''s best with coordinates... should (0,0,0) be your own ship or is it best to set these coordinates at the middle of your universe? Thanks in advance!

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If you're planning to stuff an "endless" universe into a single OpenGL vector space, you're gonna face problems, not the least being that objects could move into regions where you're losing float precision big time. Movements in those regions would be very jerky. I'm not sure of the exact numbers right now, but the way floating point values are stored would reduce the finest movement to several 10^x units.

(Edit: I might as well try to be productive ;-) )

So in fact, you'd be better off if at least each player gets his own coordinate space for OpenGL. As for global coordinates, you'd have to think of a way to circumvent that loss in precision. Perhaps make up your "universe" of blocks big enough that you couldn't see any but the biggest objects (stars, perhaps planets) farther than the edges of such a box. That way, each player wouldn't need to draw objects from more than 27 blocks, which might be possible to position in OpenGL space with sufficient precision.

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